Brain & Language Lab

Will-Rowan Trulove
Will Trulove
Will is an undergraduate student at DePaul University planning on getting their degrees in Computer Science and Computational Neuroscience with double minors in Data Science and Biology. Their current research focuses on the intersection between chemistry, physics, and cognitive neuroscience in analyzing student understanding of energy across fields. After their graduation in 2022, they plan to attend graduate school to attain an M.D./PhD to research PTSD in the intersection of genetics and neuroscience while practicing medicine.

Leanne Xu

Leanne is an undergraduate student at DePaul University.


Emily Mosher
Emily was an undergraduate student from the Psychology BS program at DePaul University. She was a research assistant and lab manager in the Brain & Language Lab for several years and is currently completing a post-bacc at Boston University. She is continuing to assistant in research on the hemispheric processing of anagrams and other insight problems in the lab.

Andriana Christofalos