Brain & Language Lab



Julia Barich

image1 (2)Julia is an undergraduate student at DePaul University pursuing a BS in Neuroscience with a behavioral/cognitive neuroscience concentration. She is currently conducting research on hemispheric activity by priming participants to make an inference before solving an anagram. Her current research interests include the individual contributions made by each cerebral hemisphere in reading comprehension, and how damage to specific areas in each hemisphere affects an individual’s ability to read.

Alysa Bloodsworth


Alysa is an undergraduate student at DePaul University working towards attaining a BS in Neuroscience and a BA in Arabic Studies. She is working on research on hemispheric advantages involved in processing inferences and solving anagrams. Her current research interests include finding which hemisphere is dominant for tasks involving reading and language processing and the implications that will have on future studies.


Max Rodrigues

Max was an undergraduateIMG_2918 (1) student at DePaul and currently volunteers at the Brain & Language lab as a research assistant.  He has conducted and presented research investigating decisional biases inherent to methodologies used in a hemifield presentation of a lexical decision task.  His research interests include identifying hemispheric differences in attentional mechanisms involved in suppressing irrelevant word meanings and hemispheric processing differences in general.


Emily Mosher

Emily was an undergraduate student from the Psychology BS program at DePaul University. She was a research assistant and lab manager in the Brain & Language Lab for several years and is currently completing a post-bacc at Boston University. She is continuing to assistant in research on the hemispheric processing of anagrams and other insight problems in the lab.